Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Part Two: The True Facts About Starting Your Own Business

In this blog, is the continuation of the first part. In Part One: The True Facts About Starting Your Own Business, we haven't shared any statistics about being in business for yourself. And why should we disclose these statistics? No one wants to hear facts. Everyone wants to hear stories about how they've done it and what did they do to achieve it. In truth, in order for you to become successful in being a business owner, you have to create teams to manage your business.

And surround yourself with influential people who either done what you're seeking and being successful or who are seeking for the same goals that you are seeking in the same position. Yet, lets face it, it is said; "The blind, can't lead the blind. They all will end up in the ditch." This quote was said none other than the Lord above; Christ Jesus. This is true, a blind man can't lead another blind man towards success. A blind man, needs a see'er, who can see what's ahead. Yet, in a different philosophy, a captain of a ship needs a navigator to guide the coordinates to its goal. Without a navigator, your ship won't go any where.

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